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ongan on the first day of White Dew can help▓ nourish the human body. It is said that one longa

n is as nutritious as an egg. Although this sounds exaggerated, Longan does reinforce the spleen, ▓nourish the blood, calm the nerves and improve one’s looks.White Dew TeaMany regular tea drinkers in Nanjing favor White Dew Tea. Tea during White Dew has gone through the hot su▓mmer and is in its best state of growth. White Dew Te▓a is different from spring tea, which is usually too tender and doesn't last long. It is also dif▓ferent from summer tea, which is dry an▓d has a bitter flavor. White Dew Tea instead tastes sweet with its sweet fragrance.White Dew WineFor▓ some people in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, whose hometowns are in Zhejiang

onal to make White Dew Wine during this season. The wine is m

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ade of cereals such as polished glutinous rice and kaolia▓ng (a specific type of sorghum) and tastes a little▓ sweet. In the past, country people in▓ those regions all made the wine and served it to guests when entertaining.Eating sweet potatoesMany Chinese believe that the ▓best food during White Dew is sweet potatoes▓. I

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able against cancer, according to Chinese medicine, sweet potato can nourish the spleen. It can prolong life and reduce the risks of disease.Ten "white" herbal medicinesPeople in Wenzho▓u, Zhejiang province have a tradition of g▓athering 10 herbal medicines on t

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he first day of White Dew. The names of these her▓bal medicines all contain the Chinese word▓ "bai" which means white, such as baimujin (white hibiscus▓). People believe that stewing these herbal medicines with black-bone chicken or duck can nourish the human ▓body and cure arthritis.Playing with ▓swallow cartsIn Tancheng county, Shandong province, children play with swallow handcarts, a sharpened wooden cart in the shape of a swallow, on the first day▓ of Whi

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